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Frequently asked

1How much do you charge for a Logo Design?
Designing a logo isn't just about sketching a concept to us. A logo can make or break the company in question. Our prices for logo design varies depending on the type of logo needed. We have different affordable packages with add-ons to suit each business sector.Reach out let's help you decide what's best for you.
2Do you offer Printing Services?
YES! We offer printing services as an option or add-on to our graphic design department. Should you need anything feel free to call us to make arrangement.
3How much do you charge for designing a Website?
The package chosen by the client would tell how much is being spent. We have different types of packages for different website designs. However, our price ranges typically from GHS 2,000 - GHS 7,500.
4How long does it take to get a design made?
For our digital design services, we deliver within 24hrs prior to when the order was made. Any other design service would depend on the task at hand. Reach out to learn more